PSA: Memes Are Now Banned

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PSA: Memes Are Now Banned

Never again should memes be posted on /cc, just a friendly reminder that if you do it’s

Gonna be removed, and you don’t want that. Bring them over to /CCmemes or

Give it some thought and craft a quality post. There’s a ton of great topics.

You won’t regret it, not only will you benefit, but so will the community.

Up vote those quality posts and down vote the reposts.

Never is a long time, but remember that these things can always be changed, someone is

Gonna create a proposal soon enough to try and roll things back in some manner.

Let your Moons be your voice and vote in the polls!

You can help the direction of this subreddit. Remember, up vote the good and

Down vote the bad.

Never have I seen a subreddit operate with proposals like this and I think it’s

Gonna spread to other subreddits. They’ll see what’s happening here and take the ball and

Run with it. It’s bound to happen and soon enough we’ll see it all

Around – just like the adoption of crypto, defi,

And NFTs – the future is bright for community-based decisions.

Desert the community and their wishes and

You will no longer see the same community.

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