Get more Raven by Mining on Nicehash

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Get more Raven by Mining on Nicehash

Hi Team,

I've seen some topics come up RE mining.

Mining RVN directly is cool but I've found that using my GTX 1080 on Nicehash, the miner switches to the most profitable algo and pays me in Bitcoin.

I then convert it to RVN (Has a 0.5%) fee and then withdraw RVN to my wallet.

I made about $50 or 212 RVN in the last 10 days using this. Might be a more profitable move for some of you with 1070's etc. Also remember that with ETH / Dag you can use to add an extra 10-15 MH/s on your GTX 1080 / 1080 Ti.

I get about 35 -> 45 MH/s with some fine tuning. Hope that helps someone 🙂

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